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Who are we?

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Who are we? 2016-10-23T19:14:01+00:00

VRmeister offers the latest news, the best in depth articles and research but also the most comprehensive database of VR companies worldwide.

We are working daily to create the best and usefull content for our visitors.
This initiative was born out of Passion for VR and the drive to transfer knowledge and enthusiasm into tangible value for our visitors. We have a strong focus on the Business opportunities that VR has to offer.

That is why, next to articles, we curate the most comprehensive and rich resource of VR companies.

We don’t have any commercial interest, we don’t sell stuff and we won’t point you to any affiliate partners.

Pure and unprejudiced


The VR landscape is developing in a mind boggling pace and we think this is one of the most exciting times since the introduction of the Internet and Mobile Phones.

The impact that Virtual Reality will have on our daily lives will be comparable.

These are exciting times and we like to share that


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