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Watch the Olympics in Virtual Reality

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This year the Olympics will take place.gear_Consumer
The biggest Sports event worldwide will take place in Brazil and there will be nice novelty available for anyone who owns a Samsung Gear VR

What if you could watch the Olympics in VR?

NBC Olympics will make it possible, not the whole Olympics but parts of it will be coming available in VR.
The Olympic Broadcast Service will make around 85 hours worth of material available for VR, we know that the opening ceremony, as well as the closing, and sports like Gymnastics, boxing and Basketball will be are amongst the material you can watch on your VR Goggles.

Small disappointment maybe would be in the fact that the content will not be livestreamed to you, if we take the opening ceremony as an example: this can only be watched 1 day after.

Now what would you need to watch the Olympics in VR?
Well a Samsung Gear VR and a suitable smartphone, o yeah and of course acces to the NBC Sports App, at this time we have no further details on cost and login possibilities from the various countries but wel will make sure to publish once known.






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