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Oculus Rift

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The Oculus rift has already become a legendary Virtual Reality headset.
We could say that the whole Virtual Reality race of this century, started with Lucky Palmer. He started work on the first prototype of the headset we have come to know as the Oculus Rift, in his shed.

The device belongs to the category of VR HMD‘s and together with the Playstation VR and HTC Vive makes up “the big three” of the moment.

The Oculus Rift

When you see the device, you would not expect the amount of advanced technology it has under the hood.
The Headset shines in design and simplicity. The weight of only 500 grams does not give the impression that we are possibly dealing with the most advanced HMD at this moment.



oculustouchThe Oculus rift comes standard with an Xbox One controller, an soon it may be deilvered with the Oculus Touch. At this time it is not yet known if this will be an option or part of a bundle.

The Xbox One controller is known by most, we do not need to elaborate on that.

The Oculus Touch is a beautiful piece of technology. It is a intuitive motion tracking gamepad that allows you to move freely in the virtual world.

The Oculus Touch is tracked by the Constellation Tracking system, (more about this under tracking) this provides a very accurate reflection of your hands in the virtual world. On top of that the Touch is fitted with internal sensors and Haptic feedback.



Virtual Reality rises or falls with image quality.
The Oculus shows the virtual world on a 1080 OLED display, this means 1080×1200 per eye.
The FOV of 110 degrees is more than enough to avoid tunnel vision and the 90HZ refreshrate will help avoid any motion sickness.

All considered we can say that image quality is very good.


For headtracking and positional tracking the Oculus uses the Constellation Low Latency Tracking System. This system
consists in essence of a “desk lamp like” device and a bunch of sensors inside the Rift.

This ‘desklamp’ is the receiver, it picks up the infrared light that is emitted by the infrared lights in the Oculus.
The headset sends out infrared pulses in a specific pattern, the receiver catches this.

Because the receiver knows the pattern that is being used by the HMD it can now use the lights to pinpoint the location of the headset in space. This same system is used for the Touch.

Because the latency on this system is very low, movements in the VR world are very lifelike, mostly elimination the chance of motion sickness.


Content is king, a mantra that goes for all platforms and also for the Oculus Rift.
Luckily Oculus already has an impressive offer of content.

Some of this content that is exclusively made for the Rift is: Rockband VR, Harmonix, Edge of Nowhere, Insomniac, The Climb, Lucky’s Tale and EVE: Valkyrie.

To avoid dumping a huge list of titles onto you we advice you to take a look at the Oculus Share Platform, this holds a comprehensive list of all Oculus Rift content.



The Ocuslus Rift does not come cheap, the recommended price is now at €699 for EU customers, US customers pay $599.
You could also say that this price is not overwhelming, looking at the amount of technology that has been put into the HMD.

Just look at all of the potential this opens up, taking all of that into account the price is justifiable.

The Rift is in the end, still cheaper than a high-end smartphone.

First Facebook integration for Oculus Platform

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Oculus has added a new tab to “Oculus Video” which enables you to disover the best 360° video that Facebook has to offer. The tab is called (off course): Facebook Videos. At the same time Oculus announced that, starting next week, you will be able to connect your Facebook accounts to Oculus Video. This will

Rift SDK 1.0 Shipping to Developers with Final Rift Hardware

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As we're getting into the holiday season and approaching 2016 Oculus has announced that they will start shipping “early builds of final Rift hardware” to developers alongside the Oculus SDK 1.0. There's a tiny difference with earlier DK's: this wave of DK's will NOT be able for purchase and is only targetting developers working on titles