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Mobile VR Goggles

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These VR Goggles are part of the “family” of VR headsets that use your Smartphone to generate the VR content. The sensors on board your Smartphone (Gyroscope, Magnometer, Accelerometer) enable the headtracking and positional tracking (if the content allows that is)samsung_gear_vr

The workings of Mobile VR Goggles is basically the same as that of other VR Headsets (like Head Mounted Displays) and here is how that works.

The big difference is that, unlike a VR HMD, pretty much all the computing power and sensory activity needed to experience the Virtual Reality is on your phone.

This is one of the reasons why a Mobile VR headset is so much cheaper than a VR HMD.

The biggest difference in price in Mobile VR Goggles mostly comes from the building quality, material and so on.
The relative low price makes this type of VR Goggles very suitable for people who just want to try VR but don’t want to spend the big bucks already.


5 best Google Cardboard Apps & Games July 2016

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Because the Google Cardboard (and other Mobile VR Goggles) are increasingly popular we are picking 5 Games or Apps for your cardboard each month. Here are the top picks for Juli 2016 1. Glitcher VR There are not too much Apps that enable you to see the real world in VR (more Augmented Reality really) and for

FREE Samsung Gear VR included with Samsung S7 Preorder

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If you are thinking about ordering a new Galaxy phone in the coming weeks AND you are also looking for a way to pickup a FREE Samsung Gear VR this might be a good time to do business. Samsung on Sunday unveiled the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, the latest addition to their FlagShip-line. The new

Jaunt VR to hit Gear VR

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Good stuff keeps coming to the Samsung Gear VR. Yesterday we announced that Yahoo released Flickr VR and today it seems that Jaunt VR is taking the step and brings its VR content to the Samsung Gear VR. Now we guess that just about everybody has heard of Jaunt before so we will not put up a whole

Flickr hits Gear VR with Flickr VR

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As the Samsung Gear VR is selling out across the globe Appmakers are gearing up to get their content on the device Yahoo has announced a brand new virtual reality Flickr app; Flickr VR especially for (compatible) Samsung Galaxy smartphones that will allow for a 360° dive in the over 15 billion photos currently on Flickr.

Samsung launched VR Internetbrowser for Gear VR

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Following some rumours and screenshots last week Samsung today announced a Gear VR optimzed web browser. Samsung Internet for Gear VR is a VR service that enables users to intuitively browse the web and enjoy content in a more immersive atmosphere without having to download content on to their smartphones. According to Samsung, the app "supports both

Figment VR passes Kickstarter goal in 7 days

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This one off course has the ultimate "Im the coolest dude around" factor straight from the box. ("Yes off course I'm carrying a VR headset around in my pocket") A VR headset that you just carry around in your pocket everywhere you go, simply because its your iPhone cover! Quantum Bakery: "The Figment" combines some