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Ricoh Theta S

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The Rico Theta S is the successor to the Ricoh Theta M15. It is a small and handy 360 degree camera, which you can easily take with you anywhere you go.

The Ricoh Theta S

The Ricoh Theta S is, just like it’s predecessor, a 360 degree camera in the ‘voicerecorder’ category.

It’s measurements make it easy to take the camera anywhere by simply putting it in your pocket. This camera would for example, be very handy for realtors who are on the go and would like to make a last minute 360° video, of the house they are selling.

This camera did not go many exterior changes, compared to it’s predecessor. The idea is the same, “Keep it simple.”
The shutter button is still conveniently located and also the other controls have pretty much stayed the same.

The Ricoh Theta S has 2 fisheye lenses of 15MP each. These record your surroundings with a resolution of 1920×1080 (full HD).
The frames per second have been doubled from 15FPS to 30FPS.

The internal storage of the device has also been doubled from 4GB to 8GB, this is enough to shoot 65 minutes of Full HD video.
The maximum length of a single video has been upgraded from 5 minutes to 25 minutes.

Ricoh has also been listening to it’s customers. HDMI connectivity has been added to the newest model. Also putting the device in video mode has become a bit easier, it now has a simple toggle button that helps you switch from photo to video mode.

Sharing has also become much simpler. The content, that has been shot in the Ricoh Theta S is made compatible with Youtube, which makes the act of sharing easy.


Even though the Ricoh Theta S has had some major improvements over its predecessor, we do not believe that the price reflects the specifications. We do therefore not believe that this device is the best choice.

The size and shape of the device may change this for you. It is simply easier to travel with than for example the Samsung Gear 360.