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Kodak SP360 4K

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With the Kodak SP360 4K, Kodak solidifies it’s position, as manufacturer of high quality actioncams.
The SP360 4K follows kodak360camera_feauturedthe previous SP360, and comes with some major improvements over that older model.

The Kodak SP360 4K

The SP360 4K falls, just like the Samsung Gear VR and the Nikon Keynote 360, into the category of actioncams.
This camera was launched October 2015 and according to Kodak is the first 4K UHD actioncam in the world.

As far as we can tell that claim is accurate, giving Kodak a nice little victory over other manufacturers.

The SP360 4K uses a powerful 12MP BSI CMOS sensor and a F/2.8 fisheye lens.
This enables the little powerhouse, to record video in different resolutions.

Video from this camera is at it´s best quality at 50FPS and a resolution of 2028x2028P (4K UHD).
Remarkably, this camera is able to shoot in 120FPS, although this does mean the resolution of the picture is reduced to 720P, which is hardly adequate.

The field of view for this camera is 235 degrees, making it so that this camera is not actually a real full 360 camera. kodaksp3604K_backtobac
To get the full 360×360 degree effect you could use two of these cameras, back to back.

For that purpose special mounts are available, or you could buy the Dual Pro Pack.

The software that comes with this camera, stitches the image very intuitively, (when using the Dual setup).

The software is available for mac and windows.

The camera is shipped with a handlebar mount, different helmet mounts and several clips, with which the camera can be attached anywhere.

If it comes to software there are no problems. This actioncam comes with the PixPro editing software packaged, this gives the user a wide range of options, when editing.

Using the PixPro remote viewer, you can even stream the image from your SP360 4K live to your Iphone or Android device.


Even though it may not be a real, full 360 degree camera, the Kodak SP360 4K is a very high class actioncamera.
We do have our doubts though. For a starter, a full 360 degree camera is available for only a little bit more money.

Devices like the Samsung Gear 360 and the Nikon Keymission 360, basically already have the back to back setup built into one device.

Would you want the dual setup with the Kodak camera, this would cost you an extra €549, going off of the €999 price tag on the Dual Pro Pack.

Before you buy a 360 camera, it may be wise to know what the purpose of the device will be.
You should ask yourself if you need the full 360 image, or if you only need the 235 degree FOV the Kodak SP360 4K provides.