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GoPro 360

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As of now there is no GoPro 360 actioncam on the market yet. Signals that one will be announced are strong however, that is why we have prepared this page.

Until any eventual release we will be talking about the high probability of a GoPro actioncam in the near future.

GoPro is probably the biggest brand, when it comes to actioncams.

GoPro did venture into 360 video-making, a while back. This was however solely aimed at professionals and required a stunning amount of 16 GoPros to work. There are also simpler 360 mounts, which are available for GoPro cameras, these can be bought or 3D printed out.

These solutions are however all still limited, the simple reason is, that they all still need multiple GoPro cameras. This brings the problem of video stitching.

GoPro does seem to be preparing to bring a 360 actioncam to the market.

This has not been confirmed but we base our suspicions off a couple of things.

During a YouTube presentation, some months ago, GoPro CEO Nick Woodman announced that the company would be coming out with a “more casual” 360 camera.

GoPros competitors are passing them by, with devices that do provide that huge USP, that of being able to capture “plug and play” 360 video. Devices like the Samsung Gear VR and the Nikon Keymission 360 are just two examples with that USP, both will be released shortly (or already are)

GoPro, the “King of Actioncams”,  will not want to allow it’s competitors to take over the market.

360 Video being the standard of tomorrow, GoPro will have to act.

Last but not least: GoPro is posting more and more 360 videos to Facebook and YouTube. Some of these are the most watched 360 videos on the platforms.

Update 08-04-2016: GoPro unveils 360 rig ‘Omni’, read more here.

Any future news or announcements regarding the GoPro 360 action, will be available right here on vrmeister.com