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360flyThe 360FLY is a 360 camera, made in the United States.
The development of the device was sped up, by an investor round that brought in almost $18 million dollars in 2014. It became available to consumers, in the second half of 2015.
Several analysts dubbed this camera, the GoPro of Virtual Reality and 360 video.

The recommended selling price of the 360FLY in the US is $399, in Europe consumers pay €499 for the device.

The 360FLY

What does $399 get you?

The 360FLY falls, just like the Samsung Gear 360, in the category of “action cams”. The camera is fully geared towards shooting 360 video, under a range of circumstances. Ease of use comes first for this device

The specifications are sufficient, to produce high quality photo and video material.

This camera belongs to the so-called second generation. Cameras from this group have on-board technology, so the necessary Video Stitching is executed “On the Fly” (did they get the name from that?)

The device is very compact, with a diameter of 6 cm and a weight of approximately 500 grams. The camera feels sturdy, something that may be expected of an action cam.

Using the 360FLY you are able to produce the most beautiful 360 content. The content you have shot, can be edited and shared to social media using the dedicated app and built-in bluetooth.

Controls of the camera are based on a swipe menu and the interface is well thought out.

The camera holds 32GB of internal memory, which is enough for 2 hours of 360 footage. The built-in Lithium-ion battery, should be able to keep the camera running for that long.

The device is built to be able to handle some abuse. The camera has on-board image stabilization (IP67) and it is dust- and shockproof. For divers there is also good news, this little powerhouse is waterproof to a depth of 35 meters.

We do not try to sway customers one way or another but some things need to be said. The technology that drives 360 cameras is not standing still. New developments are being made, that make this particular camera and its specifications, come out behind the Samsung Gear 360. That fact, coupled with the lower price of that camera, makes us urge you to consider all of the facts before you buy a new 360 camera.