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360 Camera

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A 360° Camera is that type of image capturing equipment suitable to record 360° Video or Photo’s.
A good example of 360° Photography can be found on Streetview VR and 360° Video can be found anywhere from YouTube to Facebook and a whole variety of 360° Platforms.

360° Video is the type of content that can also be viewed on 2D screens (in fact, it was designed for 2D to begin with)
The “Real 360° Experience” off course is to experience this type of Video on a VR Headset.

360 degree video is recorded by multiple (2 or more) lenses (cameras) at the same time.
These cameras all have their own point of view and each record their own part of the surrounding.

After filming, the parts of video, all with different “angles” are put together to create a full 360 degree experience.
The process of “molding’ the different movies together is called “Video Stitching”

The process of video stitching is a rather timeconsuming and “Heavy on the GPU” process which requires some serious hardware and specialized software.

Technical progress

360flyThe technique is rapidly evolving and this also goes for the creation of 360° video, the process of ‘Video stitching” will soon be a thing of the past as modern (we like to call them 2nd generation) 360° Camera’s (like Samsung Gear 360) are capable of delivering full 360°, ready to share content with a single click or swipe.

This type of camera allows for capturing, on smartphone editing and Social Media sharing using intuitive hardware and apps.

This type of progress ultimately will cause a surge in 360° content becoming available on the various platforms.
There are already several professional (Jaunt Neo, Nokia Oozo) cameras available where the content is more or less ready unrolling and for consumers, there are now several cameras for sale where the content for example, can be edited via your smartphone and immediately Youtube can be shared.

The famous 360 cameras for consumers this time include the 360FLY, Bublcam and expected the Samsung Gear 360 within months.



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