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Pokemon Go, how does it work?

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Pokemon Go is already the most popular game of all times, we wouldn’t want to go to far but the word “disruptive” comes to mind looking at the craze it’s causing at a worldwide level.

Traffic jams occur, dead bodies are found, buildings getting stormed by Pokemon-hungry people and the end is nowhere in sight.

But what is Pokemon Go?

In Pokemon you basically have one clear objective: Collect (or catch) Pokemon, however, it’s not just collecting them sitting around on the couch. To catch the critters you will have to move the party outside and start walking!

You are moving in the real world using your Smartphone to track down and collect them. We won’t elaborate too much on the gameplay here as there’s a ton of Gaming websites who do.
The good news of course is the fact that we (and the kids) will be outside and we’ll be moving to play the highly addictive game.

The basics are pretty simple: you will be walking (and “looking”) around with your smartphone and you will catch Pokemon.


How does Pokemon Go work?

Pokemon Go is a game that is based on “Augmented Reality” (not to be confused with Virtual Reality!)

Augmented Reality is the technique in which the “Real World” around you is enriched with digital elements such as photo, video, computer generated graphics and yes Pokemon. The elements are presented to you by means of display (in your smartphone) or through HUD (heads up display) technique.

You are capturing (and seeing) the world around you using the camera in your smartphone, the Pokemon Go app is projecting the Pokemon in such a way that it looks like the critters are actually walking around the streets.
The sensors that are on board your Smartphone (Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Accelerometer) are being utilized to make sure that the phone exactly know where you are. The same sensors make it look real, if you move, the Pokemon stays put and if you approach him, it looks like that.


Augmented Reality is not new

The technique that Pokemon Go uses is not exactly new, Augmented Reality is around for some time.
An earlier example of AR use in Smartphones would for instance be “Layer”, this app projects all kinds of information regarding your direct surrounding in a real life image on your smartphone (think gas stations, points of interest and so on)

Augmented Reality is also quit frequently used in various industries such as Aviation and Off Shore.

Recent examples of Augmented Reality glasses would be Google Glass, Microsoft Hololens and it appears that record-funded Startup: Magic Leap will also turn out to be Augmented Reality glasses.


So now you a little bit more on the background of Pokemon Go, we would like to conclude: BEWARE when playing Pokemon Go 😉




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