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Magic Leap about to reveal AR glasses

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One of the most mysterious highest valued startups around: Magic Leap revealed that it would “soon” reveal their Augmented (or Mixed) reality glasses to the public.

CEO Rony Abovitz made some statements at the Fortune Magazine technology conference in Aspen stating that debugging the production line in Florida was currently in progress. Furthermore he commented that the actual launch would take place “soon”, without giving any specific date or timeline.

Magic Leap is set to launch an Augmented Reality glasses, with this technique its possible to integrate computer generated graphics into the “real world”.

“In Magic Leap, I would see Pokemon just like I see real people”

Abovitz said. “We love what they’re doing, it’s a Gateway to a whole new future” 

Magic Leap will be a one stop shop for the Hardware, software, sensors and chips, the aim is to “Deliver something that never existed before”
The company is working with a team of both inside and outside developers in creating consumer applications for the first phase, however, development for business and medical uses is also in progress.



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