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Kinect gets a second life in VR?

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You must have heard by now that the Xbox One S that will be released later on this year will no longer have a Kinect port. kinect
The end of the Kinect seamed to be in sight but think again! The guys at Microsoft did solve some problems and the Kinect is now facing a whole new Era!

The Kinect is around for years and basically its not all that, the system works with a sensor that is placed near the screen that you play your games on. The sensor registers movement and translates that movement to the digital world (on screen that is)

As the system is not able to get a proper reading on smaller parts of the body (like your fingers) the technique is not really capable of translating movements on microlevel.
No problem playing tennis but….. you get the picture..

Now Microsoft seems to have solved the problem, by generating a model of a hand from which the Kinect will continuously calculate the exact location of body parts (also the small ones like your fingers)

In an interesting blog post Microsoft points out that this solution could easily mean that the Kinect could be used for all kinds of application including navigating through powerpoint, hang up on a Skype call and some more interesting activity.
The examples that we see in the blogpost also (implicitly) that Microsoft is maybe thinking more towards a whole new field of application for the Kinect: office surroundings.

To be continued…….




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