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Google Streetview in VR

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Did you know that you can enter the world of Virtual Reality Streetview just using your Smartphone?

Streetview is off course known for offering the capability to wander around in any place you want, see the most beautiful cities and check out in what neighbourhood that property you’ve seen is actually in.

With Googles ongoing focus on VR it’s not a big surprise that Virtual Reality support has been added to Streetview!
We will nickname it Streetview 2.0 and in this new world you will be able to do exactly the same as in the 1.0 version with the big difference that you can experience it all in VR!

You will notice a “Cardboard Icon” in the Streetview App, just tick it (put your phone in landscape mode) and Streetview will go into “Side by Side” modus.
Now just slap on a Google cardboard or any other Mobile VR Goggles, put your Smartphone in it and start walking around the planet Earth.


Navigation is easy, just use the magnetic slide to select the arrows and start moving. (last time we checked there was still no Gazing functionality, maybe one day…)

The world is in the palm of your hand 😉

Other options in Streetview VR

There’s more, besides the great fun you will have walking around in VR there’s a few other pretty nifty features on board the Streetview App.

Google has been busy and added features that enable iOS users to use the Google Cardboard Camera (as this isn’t available in the App Store)

When you open up the App you will notice a plus sign at the right bottom of the screen, there are 3 options mentioned there:

360° Camera

This feauture allows you to pair up your Smartphone with any compatible 360° Camera (one of them being the Ricoh Theta S. but we’re sure the list will grow rapidly)
When you’ve paired up the camera it will be possible to record and share 360° content directly from your smartphone (take note of your data bundle when your outside WIFI reach!)



Import any 360° Photos 

With this feauture you will be able to import any 360° into the app and share it directly in Google Streetview

Google Cardboard Camera

This one is especially useful for iOS users, it enables taking 360° photos with your smartphone and works pretty straight forward. Just point and the Streetview VR App will guide you by showing where to point your phone next. (a 360° Camera off course exists out of multiple pictures)

The big advantage of taking 360 photos with this app is the fact that the end result is that the output format is suitable for a whole range of applications. (such as embed it on your own website as per below example)


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