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First image The Void Rapture 2K HMD

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First look at the very first Rapture HMD which will be the VR headset you will be using when entering the realms of The Void

This state of the art piece of hardware has several unique features that we won’t be seeing very soon in consumer HMD’s (due to the cost level)

Some of the features that Rapture packs:

  • 2K curved OLED displays
  • Custom tracking system
  • Bang & Olufsen Binaural headphones
  • Top off the line microphones

The Rapture HMD is still a prototype as the Void’s team is continuing their efforts in delivering the most stunning experience to players who will (some point in 2016) enter a Virtual Arena where Virtual and physical experience will be fused into one mindblowing VR experience.

The Void is likely to become a very popular attraction, just a few weeks ago Void had the opportunity to book a Beta test slot for $10,- and tickets were sold out within a few hours.


rapture HMD

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