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5 best VR Horror experiences for Cardboard

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VR Horror is one of the niches in VR that has a steady growing amount of fans, this has to to with the fact that VR is Immersive. It is for that reason that VR Horror is truly capable of letting you crap your pants.

For this reason we have collected the 5 best VR Horror experiences that are now around and listed them for you.

Tip: Most of the below experiences are equipped with Binaural Sound, wearing headphones will just give you that extra edge!


Yes this is a weird title, BUT its one of the best “sit on the couch while scary shit is taking place all around you” experiences around. One of few true 360° nightmares puts you in the lead of this very very bad dream. You are not watching a movie here, you are part of the action that develops all around you.


Free on iOS and Android


House of Terror VR

House of Terror VR is one of few Google Cardboard experiences where you can move around freely (watch it: you do need a bluetooth controller). You are investigating a creepy house (yeah really) and have to stay out of the hands of the bad monsters that live there.

House of Terror is een van de weinige Google Cardboard Horror games waar je vrij kan rondbewegen (let op: bluetooth controller benodigd). Je onderzoekt een angstaanjagend huis en moet hierbij uit handen blijven van de monsters die er huizen.

Free iOS and Android (* the  iOS versie is not yet 100% working, Android users need a bluetooth controller)


This chilling experience takes place in a room during a Thunderstorm. It starts out with 2 dolls sitting in the room, until…….one of them disappears. We won’t drop spoilers here but this one will scare the crap out of you 😉

Free on iOS and Android

Sisters VR

Silent Home

Silent Home looks a little bit like House of Terror, you are free to move around only navigation is done by means of “magnetic slide” on your cardboard. In this “Indy Horror” you are walking around in a old spooky house searching for valuables. Of course, rumor goes that the house is haunted!
Nice experience, some mini puzzles here and there and potent enough to deliver a good scare.

Free on Android

VR Silent Home

Chair in Room

You are in a room and looking around, you collect hints in order to escape the room. Like the title already suggests….it has something to do with a chair. We won’t spoil, just get it and find out!

Free on Android

Chair in a room VR

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