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5 best Google Cardboard Apps & Games July 2016

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Because the Google Cardboard (and other Mobile VR Goggles) are increasingly popular we are picking 5 Games or Apps for your cardboard each month.

Here are the top picks for Juli 2016

1. Glitcher VR

There are not too much Apps that enable you to see the real world in VR (more Augmented Reality really) and for this reason we would like to recommend Glitcher!
Glitcher VR enables you to project all kinds of filters on top off the world around you, you can select various color filters but you can also switch on a supercool “Predator Vision”

We think that the coolest feature in Glitcher is the fact that the App supports Voice Control. You can also use the magnetic slide on your cardboard to toggle between filters or take pictures or Video.

Free for Android 

Glitcher VR

2. Battle 360 VR

In this VR shooter you are in control of a bunch of massive canons. Mission is to “take care” of enemy planes but this app does also have an Augmented Reality modus in which you can shoot some rounds into your own living room.
The game supports external (Bluetooth) controllers (Android only)

Free for Android en E0.99 in the App Store

battle 360 VR

3. VR Pro Sniper

In this “Look and shooter” you are the sniper that has to protect cities against evil terrorists . The means of protection of course is to shoot the crap out of them.
The game is simple, smooth and has a nice gameplay, you look around, gaze for 3 seconds and a shot is fired (and a terrorist will drop)

The game maybe, for some, tends to bore after a while so we would recommend getting the free version to test that for yourself.

Free version for Android or App Store

vr sniper

4. Froggy VR

Fibrum, a very well known name in the VR landscape, presents the most cute “Froggy in the Swamp” game in VR.
We would really recommend this one for kids!

Free for Android or App Store

Froggy VR

5. BombSquad

Now this is a great Social VR game, you’re playing together with up to 8 players. Bombsquad basically exists of various “Blow each other up” games, amongst the games are Conquer the Flag, Bomb hockey and many more.
Controls are simple and extensive controller support makes playing this game a really fun exercise. (you can even use your iPhone as a controller!)

Free for Android or App Store

bombsquad VR

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