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360 Video

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360° Video is one of the amazing types of content that you can experience in VR.youtube_360

Why do we distinguish between 360 video and Movies?

Movies are typically made by, for instance a movie production company, Movies have a story to tell, have a beginning and an end.
If we say 360° Video we are specifically talking about material that has been created for platforms like Youtube, Jaunt VR and so on.

360° video is created making use of a 360° camera.
This is a type of video that is not only suitable to watch using VR Goggles, in fact: 360° is created to experience on a 2D screen! This is why its good to realize that, when people are talking about 360° Video being VR, this is not exactly true.

It is a fact that its great content to watch using VR Goggles, it delivers a great and immersive experience because you are able to “Look around” in the video.

The amount of 360° video that is to be found on YouTube and Facebook is growing at a staggering pace, the fact that 360° camera’s are getting better and cheaper by the day is a great contributor to this fact.

Virtual Reality in a refugee camp

By | 2016-10-23T19:14:24+00:00 11 March 2016|Categories: 360 Video, News, VR Content|

Next week, the war in Syria will enter it’s sixth year. The conditions in which most refugees find themselves are inhumane and degrading. VR Gorilla and Stichting Vluchteling (a Dutch refugee foundation) show this with four portraits, in Virtual Reality. You find yourself standing in the middle of a refugee camp in northern Iraq. You

YouTube wants to start live streaming 360 degree video?

By | 2016-10-23T19:14:32+00:00 3 February 2016|Categories: 360 Video, News, VR Content|

Youtube is meeting with various camera manufacturers in order to develop a good way to live stream 360° video, BuzzFeed News reports. Youtube declined to give any comments on the report. The case could well be that Youtube is suppporting camera manufacturers in the setup of specs that would enable users to stream their live 360

Google Cardboard Camera App

By | 2016-10-23T19:14:47+00:00 7 December 2015|Categories: 360 Video, Google Cardboard, Mobile VR Goggles, News, VR Content|

Google is taking big steps towards making VR mainstream. Cardboard is a huge succes, Streetview is available in VR and recently Google has announced that Youtube will be fully VR compatible. Now Google is taking yet another step and enables users to create their own 360 images. Google has launced "Cardboard Camera" an app that,