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The technique is not exactly new, but never before it came to the level of development and potential mass adoption as it does today, the biggest Techcompanies bet big on it and in their slipstream are companies of all the discplines you can think off.

According to analists the number of “VR HMD installs” or active VR headsets will reach a total of 70 million by the end of 2017, this will generate approximately $9B in Hardware – and $6B in Software related revenues.

According to a recent report from Goldman Sachs, the potential for the AR and VR market could reach a staggering $80B to $182B a year in revenues.

De techniek is niet nieuw maar kwam niet eerder tot een zo vergevorderde ontwikkeling, de grootste Techbedrijven hebben grootschalig ingezet op de techniek en diverse industrieën volgen in hun voetsporen.

All signs for an explosive adoption curve are there.

What can companies do with it?

The possibilities are endless, and the opportunities are huge. There are few sectors that won’t run into Virtual Reality at some point in the coming years.

Realty agents and project developers are already using the technique to show around prospects in properties that are up for sale or even have to build yet properties.

There will be a whole new standard in E commerce, in the near future people will walk around Virtual Malls to do their shopping.
They will fit clothing using their Avatar, they will look around for cars in Virtual Showrooms and will book their holiday after they have Virtually visited the destination of their choice to make sure this is exactly what they are looking for.

Think of the opportunities in Fintech? Hard to predict the future but at some point in time people will have to make their payments in VR, due to the immersive component of VR this will have to be possible without taking your headset off.

There will be new industries creating all sorts of content but also Hardware and other accesoires that will be needed for VR.

There will be a whole new playing field to explore in the world of Marketing
The possibilities for this area of expertise are gigantic, due to the fact that VR has a deep impact on the brains, new ways of getting advertizers messages across will be possible.

Just think about the possibilities, we are at the dawn of a new era.

Several analists have already stated that VR will be an all new, earthmoving wave in the digital era we live in.

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Mysterious startup Magic Leap seems to have had another succesful round of funding raising a staggering $827M according to several sources. (ao.Forbes) Just some 2 months ago Magic Leap already collected $542M in a funding round which was led by Google with participation from (ao.) Qualcomm, KKR, Vulcan Capital This new round of funding would