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Magic Leap now worth a staggering $4.5B

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Just over a month ago we reported that Magic Leap received a another round of funding setting the total valuation to $3.7B

Today the company confirms to have succesfully raised another $800M, pushing the total potential fully (diluted post) valuation to $4.5B


Again, Alibaba, Google and Qualcomm were amongst the companies investing money in the company which is pretty much unique in terms of raising investments without even showing  a tangible prototype, picture or whatsover of what they’re working on.

Now we know that they’re working on an Augmented Reality Goggles (just like Hololens) but untill now nobody has ever seen the goggles.

There are some demovideos to give us a taste of the technology and if you take the amount of money that has been put into it into consideration it has to be something really unique that they’re working on. (we assume)






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