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Google is working on VR HMD

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Theres some pretty strong signals that Google is working on a new VR HMD.
Financial Times is one of the media breaking the news based on various “insider sources”

So looks like Google is about to shift into “Cardboard 2.0” mode soon?

Not exactly, reports suggest that Google is actually working on a slightly more advanced VR HMD:
This version would be made out of proper plastic casing and includes sensors and high quality lenses.

The reports are not really far fetched, just a week ago an Alphabet Executive stated that Cardboard was “just the first step”, furthermore Google has been pretty active in hiring VR specific employee for a time now.

Now the Cardboard is a big succes, Google shipped over 5 million of them now and it is by far THE most suitable device if you want to get a taste of VR but don’t want to spend more than a few bucks on it.

With this “next step” Google is about to go head on with Samsung Gear VR and will aim for the rapidly growing VR community which is growing up and are looking for some more quality in their VR HMD (and still don’t want to spend $499,- on an Oculus Rift)




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