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Boom Headshot Studios

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Born in 1978; I have been a gamer for as long as I can remember.

I feel the time has come to give back something of the enjoyment I have received from the gaming industry to a new generation – namely those who will be growing up with Virtual Reality.

“Modern” or “Statistic based” forms of character damage will no longer suffice in the brave new world of VR, I fear.  I believe it is time to come up with a new system; do so quickly; and choose one which mimics “Physical Reality” as closely as possible.

At this point in time, I’d like to call your attention to this video, which demonstrates how modern firearms are tested for effectiveness against human tissue and other materials.  This is a scientific process, known as Ballistics Testing; is admissible as evidence in court; and would also be the basis for any work myself or my studio would do.

I use these words interchangeably, because as it stands there is no studio.  Just me – a man whose imagination outdoes his abilities in this field.



How would this task be approached?  By using a programming technology known as Digital Molecular Matter, or DMM.  To quote from the above link from Wikipedia…


DMM is a physical simulation system which models the material properties of objects allowing them to break and bend in accordance to the stress placed on them. Structures modeled with DMM can break and bend if they are not physically viable. Objects made of glass, steel, stone and jelly are all possible to create and simulate in real-time with DMM. The system accomplishes this by running a finite element simulation that computes how the materials would actually behave.”

By this logic, it should be able to create “Virtual Ballistics Gel” and therefore by extension “Virtual Human Flesh” in a software environment; for any number of scientific, medical, military or civilian simulation.  Oh, and at this stage I would like to interject that “human flesh” would just be the start.  Full musculature and skeletal constructs should also be possible to model in Virtual Reality.  This will allow players to kill and be killed with an amount of creativity that has never been seen before in conventional gaming…

Perhaps at this point you are excited, or would like to know more about my ideas?  Feel free to get in touch with me, and we will explore the VR inevitability in greater depth…

  • Company name: Boom Headshot Studios

  • Location: New Zealand

  • Contact person: Tony Spencer

  • Mail:

  • Phone:

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